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What Does the Research Show About Wunderdog Sports Handicappers?

Well, let me give you feedback from a truly unbiased, and frankly someone who is new to the sports handicapping industry. The internet is a great source of information and an educated investor is usually a wise one. At least that’s the way it should be. I’m not naive in thinking that there are not some scamdicappers out there who don’t really put out a lot of time and effort to provide you with educated picks.

And it’s safe to say that every site that promotes their services will tell you about their winning percentages, awards and rankings within the industry. For the beginning investor in sports handicapping, how will you know the difference? You won’t.

So in doing general industry research, I stumbled across Wunderdog Sports, Quite frankly, I found it hard to get off of their website. From the opening page showing their free daily picks, to their 100% Satisfaction Guarantee to their clean and concise layout, they had me perusing the site like reading a book.

You can read the testimonials if you like, but you’ll see those for every site you go to. What got my attention, in addition to the guarantee and free daily picks, was the ease in which you can research information on their past picks. On the top menu bar, simply select “Past Picks” and see a dropdown of all the sports they provide services for.

Drilling down closer, let’s say you select “NFL Football Past Picks.” You are then brought to a page that shows a breakdown of each season, going back to 2001-2002. All games, up to and including the Super Bowl are listed. You are able to view the detailed write up of each game, the recommendation and the results. Nothing hidden on this site. And you can do the same thing for all of the other sports.

In my research, I have looked at many other sports handicapping services and websites. Being a betting novice, it’s hard not to get drawn into sites that offer high returns and picks that they consider “locks.” But I’m also realistic. In sports, there is literally nothing that’s a lock. Well, other than Tom Brady winning a Super Bowl (kidding). So unrealistic claims are an immediate reason to discount a sports handicapping service.

Which is why, not even having used their service yet, Wunderdog Sports stands out. They don’t make unrealistic claims and are up front about their performance. If and when I get started, my plan is to give them a try.