Making NBA picks can be a lot of fun if you know what you’re doing. The NBA is a unique league to bet on for a number of reasons. It is a lot like Major League Baseball in that there are so many games being played and you can really get yourself into a flow as a gambler. The thing that makes the NBA so unique and makes making NBA picks so difficult is that the league is dominated by so many different personalities. Even if you know the game of basketball like the back of your hand, NBA picks can be dicey.


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When you make NBA picks, you must get to know those personalities that make such a huge difference. Players have huge salaries and they have huge egos. The game is highly individualized, as well. If you are going to have any success whatsoever making NBA picks, then you will need to know how these personalities are impacting various teams in their quest to put a good product on the floor. If one guy becomes disgruntled, this can throw off all of your NBA picks. Likewise, you have to understand that you can take advantage of one team being ruined by a guy with a bad personality.

NBA picks must also take into account the length of the season. Earlier I spoke of how there are so many games. It is a lot like baseball, except that basketball might be the most physically demanding sport of all. Unlike football, there is not a lot of contact, but there is a lot of running up and down the court for a couple of hours. This can really start to wear on a team over the course of the year. No matter how strong a unit is, they are going to run into some patches caused by fatigue over the course of the season. Your NBA picks will benefit from knowing when a team is tired and when they are really going to mail it in because they have heavy legs.

Also remember, when making your free NBA picks, that you should consider the way teams have to travel. Often times, teams will leave for a cross-country roadtrip and stay gone for a couple of weeks. At the end of these trips, players and coaches are weary. They are just ready to get home in most instances. If you fail to account for this with your NBA picks, you will have a hard time winning.