Betting on sports contests is a passion for a lot of people. The thrill of watching a contest that you’ve placed a bet on, without knowing how things will turn out, is a big part of the enjoyment. However, as most know who bet on sports, winning on a consistent basis is difficult. Teams and players don’t always perform as expected and even if they win, they may not cover the point spread for that particular game.

While american football leads the pack in sports betting in the U.S. and soccer is the most wagered on sport internationally, don’t forget about basketball. With it’s popularity increasing, basketball is becoming much more of an international sport than it used to be. It also has a long season, with an opportunity to continue placing bets on the sport over the 82 regular season contests and then into the playoffs. And it’s not just that that can pull in bettors placing bets on basketball. Here are three good reasons why basketball betting may work best for you.


Even with the long season, the outcome of basketball contests can be more predictable than other sports. One main reason for this is that there is less parity between teams. This applies most specifically to NBA teams but a case can also be made for college basketball. Home court can provide an advantage in basketball but frankly, most good teams are not affected by playing on the road. And superstar players normally play like superstar players, unlike other sports such as baseball or football, where a hitter can go hitless any given game and a star wide receiver is negated by a great defensive back.


Sure, good teams in other sports can be consistent and win most times when expected to. But when a solid basketball team is playing well and getting contributions from everyone, a team with a bit less talent who is also playing well will probably lose. Most NBA players, statistically, will put up similar numbers game after game and can be counted on to do so. Even going against a strong defensive team, good players and good teams in basketball will usually always produce to their skill level.

Bench Players Impact

All sports have injured players and rely on players off the bench to step in. Unlike other sports, reserves in basketball who are pressed into service can make an impact, sometimes just as much as the starter simply due to their number of minutes on the court. This can be great for bettors who participate in daily fantasy sports, as they can buy low on a reserve and get some solid production. A smart bettor will get to know which teams have the best benches and use that to their advantage when the line is adjusted due to a key starter being out of the lineup.